£1 million made available for Family Mediation

Written by William Hogg - 29.03.21

The Government recently announced a campaign enabling 2,000 families to claim a £500 voucher towards the cost of mediation. The announcement follows a number of delays to children cases in the courts, and aims to ease this backlog by providing an alternative way to settle disputes. 

We’ve outlined the key information you need to know.

Mediation will be provided by Family Mediation Council Accredited mediators. Laurus’ mediators are accredited by the FMC, and can guide you through the entire process, from applying for the voucher to settling your dispute.

Fraser Wright, Founder of Integrated Dispute Resolution, says, “The introduction of this scheme is a welcome addition to the efforts already being made by organisations and individuals within the Family Law profession, to make mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) an affordable and achievable solution for separating parties.”

Key information

  • The voucher must be used for child law disputes, for example, to resolve a disagreement about child arrangements. However, if you have a wider case which includes a dispute relating to a child, you can also qualify for the scheme.
  • The voucher is available for the first 2,000 applicants, at £500 each.
  • You can claim one voucher per case.
  • The voucher is a one-off financial contribution, and does not cover the cost of a MIAM, only the mediation sessions.
  • The scheme will apply to any mediation where the MIAM was attended on or after the 26th of March.

How can you take part in the scheme?

Once you choose and instruct your mediator, you should ask them to apply for the voucher for you. They will take some information needed by the Family Mediation Council, and guide you through the application process.

Why should I mediate instead of going to Court?

Mediation is highly encouraged by legal professionals, as it allows for open communication and can often be less stressful for you and your loved ones.

When children are involved, mediation can help you put their needs at the heart of the conversation.

Head of Dispute Resolution at Laurus William Hogg says,

“I would always encourage people to consider mediation if they have not done so already. Whether you’ve yet to speak to a lawyer about your issue, or you’re experiencing delays to your hearing dates, mediation can provide a flexible, cooperative way to end your dispute.”

If you would like to speak to a mediator, or need more information about the scheme, please get in touch using the details below.

Speak to a lawyer – get in touch with our Family Team on 020 3146 6300, or hello@lauruslaw.co.uk for friendly, professional and strictly confidential advice.