We take a personal and pragmatic approach to divorce proceedings.

At a time of heightened tension that can affect others, including children, we’ll look at your needs and your present situation and give calm and clear advice to resolve the matter efficiently and cost-effectively.

We understand that divorce can be a difficult time, and so we strive to help our clients through the process in the most stress-free way possible. We take into account all aspects of the case, including the best interests of children and the financial implications of the divorce, to ensure that the resolution reached is fair to all parties involved.

We use a range of dispute resolution techniques to try to reach an amicable settlement between both parties in the divorce, including mediation, arbitration and other forms of negotiation. Where court proceedings become necessary, we’ll help you prepare and present your case in the most effective way possible.

We’ll also assist in the preparation of any necessary financial orders, such as those regarding property, assets and maintenance payments, to ensure that all parties are protected and cared for.

We understand that divorce is an emotional period, and we strive to provide clear, non-judgmental advice to help you and your family move on in the best way possible.