We know that no one wants to lose someone close to them. But responsibility for a friend or relative who’s passed away may fall to you, so at this difficult time it’s important to get through the process efficiently.

While the duty is unpleasant and sometimes complex - especially with other things to take into account such as a funeral and the emotional gravity of the situation - bringing their financial and domestic affairs to a conclusion is where we can help.

Laurus has helped many clients handle numerous issues such as house clearing, insurance, valuations, sorting through documents and bank accounts, as well as closing off their tax requirements. 

There are all sorts of other needs that we’ve managed in this case – paying beneficiaries, settling debts and untangling estate complexities. We also provide the drafting of deeds of variation and succession planning – offering complete management of affairs in an emotionally turbulent time.

As the process may extend to months, we’ll keep you informed at every stage, tactfully, efficiently, and transparently.