Family arbitration is a fast, confidential alternative to taking your dispute to court.

Arbitration is one way to resolve issues which may arise from a separation. It covers child, property and finance disputes.

Our team can help you decide if arbitration is right for you. One of its benefits is that the arbitrator’s final decision is legally binding, like a court ruling, but the waiting times are shorter, so you won’t have to put your life on hold.

Arbitration gives you the privacy you deserve in challenging times. No press is allowed at your hearings, and you’ll be in a much less formal, more comfortable venue than at court. For example, you’ll have the added benefit of private rooms for consulting your legal team, and control over the location to suit your needs.

We always recommend arbitrators who we trust to be impartial. Their role is to listen to both sides. You’ll have the same arbitrator throughout the process, as well as a Laurus lawyer to support and guide you.

Like mediation, arbitration allows much greater flexibility in proceedings including whether part of the process is done in writing rather than face-to-face. Unlike mediation, you’re guaranteed a decision at the end of the process – if a breakdown in communication occurs, the arbitrator can still make a decision that’s fair for both sides.