When building your family through surrogacy, we offer personalised support for every aspect of your journey.

Our team of surrogacy lawyers specialise in both international and UK surrogacy, from creating agreements to obtaining your Parental Order. We can advise on your practical arrangements too, ensuring you’re always compliant with international laws and unravelling the complexities of finances and expense payments. If you aren’t eligible to apply for a Parental Order, our team will always help you explore the best route to making your family official.

We have links with surrogacy agencies and clinics, specialist international surrogacy barristers and immigration lawyers around the world. We can help you curate a team of experts who truly understand your situation.

Examples of our work:

  • Represented the commissioning parents in the reported case R and S v T (Surrogacy: Service, Consent & Payments) [2015] and successfully obtained Parental Orders for twins where the Ukrainian surrogate could not be found and could therefore not provide her consent to the making of the Parental Orders.
  • Represented the commissioning parents on an application for Parental Orders for twins following an arrangement in India. The commissioning father was an Indian national and the commissioning mother was a British national. The twins could not come into the country as the commissioning mother could not pass on her British Nationality. The Home Office was joined as a party to the application to secure the twins entry to the country and to complete the Parental Order application.
  • Represented a same sex couple on an application for a Parental Order for their son following an arrangement in the USA. The couple lived and worked in USA for several years. We successfully demonstrated that at least one of them remained domiciled in England & Wales to obtain the Parental Order.
  • Our Legacy team have experience in assisting intended parents to prepare a Will to cover specific issues raised as part of the surrogacy arrangements. In some countries, this is a requirement in order to proceed with the surrogacy.