The law – as it stands – doesn’t offer unmarried couples the same rights and protection as married couples.

When dividing domestic finances, such as contributions to a mortgage and household bills, it can be a complex issue to address when a relationship ends. If children are involved it’s even more important to know where you stand in terms of financial relief and whether you can stay if your home is solely owned by a partner.

It is often the case where the expectations of people’s rights when living together as a couple are very different from the reality. It’s beneficial to review your rights during cohabitation – especially when issues begin to arise - or when thinking about living together in the future.

We offer specialist cohabitation advice about your rights at any point prior to or during cohabitation, or in the circumstances where separation occurs and specialist advice is needed as to your rights and obligations.

If you’re planning to live together, we can help you put a cohabitation agreement in place so you can live together with confidence and clarity in your rights and obligations.