Nuptial Agreements

Knowing your rights and liabilities can make a lifetime’s worth of difference when you or your children are preparing to get married, or are married already.

Protecting your assets with pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements gives you more peace of mind for this life step, and our team are well-versed in creating agreements that preserve the financial interests of you and your family.

It could be that you want to know where you stand if a relationship ends, or to protect inherited assets that should remain in your family, or to avoid liability for significant debts partners may have. There are many reasons for exploring and understanding nuptial agreements, and we can help cut through any complication.

While nuptial agreements are not binding, a court is able to follow the terms set out within them subject to them being prepared in a specific way that has been set out in case law.

Our family team offer a fixed-fee consultation for nuptial agreements so you’re confident in being able to protect your assets, whatever the course of a marriage.