Jon Keeley

Jon Keeley
  • Family
  • Paralegal

Jonathan is a Paralegal in the family team.

Having graduated in English from the University of York and held previous positions within marketing, public relations and communications - Jonathan completed his LLM Masters of Law and joined the Family Law team in 2020.

His thorough approach to providing support in all aspects of any case was demonstrated when he received feedback from experienced Counsel at one of the most highly-regarded Chambers who commented:

He has a very good manner with the client, has been extremely useful with all sorts of research that has helped us tremendously. He does not need to be asked but quietly gets to it. I have been so impressed.

Jonathan works closely in support of William Hogg and provides invaluable assistance to the family law team and our clients.  He has demonstrated an outstanding ability to recognise where he can add value and has a very calm and measured approach that clients find reassuring in stressful situations.