We understand that remortgaging can be time sensitive, particularly when your existing product is coming to an end, or you are releasing money for a particular purpose, such as buying another property, or home improvements.

Many mortgage products offer a free legal option which can be tempting, but all too often this type of service can result in delays and may not take into account your personal circumstances, where the matter is urgent, or more complicated.

Laurus offers a cost effective remortgage solution which enables you to benefit from having a senior lawyer appointed to deal directly with your case, who will be your main point of contact throughout.

Our fees are often largely offset by the Cash Back option that lenders provide instead of opting for their free legal option, and in most cases we turn around within 14 days of receipt of the mortgage offer.

Working with an excellent mortgage broker is key to finding the right product and have the process managed effectively. This combined with a personal legal service is proven to offer the peace of mind that comes with a timely and personal service.

Get Remortgage Ready?

Our clients who become Remortgage Ready are proven to save time and stress from the process of remortgaging. We make sure all the relevant paperwork and checks are organised and in place for a faster transaction.

Our Remortgage Pack is designed to guide you through the key steps needed for a swift turn around when the mortgage offer arrives.  You can download your pack from the Useful Links section on this page.