Dividing finances fairly is our specialism. Assessing assets, employment circumstances, property, and the parties and any children’s needs and many other factors is a complex issue to resolve, so our family team focus on making this negotiation as transparent as possible.

Our approach is to achieve a balanced arrangement that leaves our clients in a beneficial position for the future.

Whilst the starting point for any case is a 50/50 division, there are often factors that mean such a split is not the fair and reasonable outcome – especially when there are usually wide-ranging personal and professional considerations to factor in.

Called ‘the section 25 criteria’, the court considers a number of circumstances to determine the right division of assets and distribution of incomes, and that rightly begins with the welfare of any children under the age of 18 that may be affected.

Otherwise, the main factors are capital and income resources, both present and expected, living standards, age and length of marriage, any disabilities, conduct, and any benefits the other partner may lose from the divorce, such as a pension.

Our lawyers are market leaders in advising clients with their intricate understanding of the relevant legal principles they have gained through exposure to a variety of cases from the straightforward to the highly complex. They ensure pragmatic advice and a careful strategy are prioritised at the outset of any case to ensure our clients achieve their best outcome.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in weighing up the many factors, and negotiating a financial outcome that’s fair, timely and clear.