Child Custody

In the event of separation or divorce, our primary focus is to minimise the stress and disruption to your children.

We have a collaborative approach, providing expert advice and working with both parties to decide arrangements about where children live and how their time is divided. 

From negotiating specific events, such as attending a sports’ day, or taking the children on holidays, to relocation in or out of the country, our family team is here to help everyone reach an agreement as smoothly as possible.

At a difficult time, we’ll listen to your issues, talk you through your options, then act to get you the best outcome. If you have concerns about your partner’s behaviour, we can advise you on your rights and initiate a course of action to protect you and your children.

Laurus is a leading firm in advising on child custody – called ‘child arrangements’ in court - so that the process is fair and has your children’s happiness firmly in focus.