Protecting and distributing assets is important – even after death.

When a degree of control and flexibility is needed in dividing wealth, the creation of trusts allows certain assets to remain in control of certain parties. This can have a number of benefits - from reducing tax liability, to helping people who aren’t ready for or capable of financial responsibility, to providing financial security for future generations.

Land, money and investments have different weight within an estate, and structuring these correctly is what our Legacy team specialise in – working out the best arrangement across all assets.

Laurus handles Bare Trusts for beneficiaries under 18, Life Interest Trusts used by spouses to protect assets for children while giving benefits to the living spouse, Discretionary Trusts which helps the conditions of payments to beneficiaries, Charitable Trusts, and all other specific Trusts for vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries.

Whatever type of Trust you’re seeking to draw up, we’re here for practical advice and the execution of wishes from the moment it needs to be actioned.