Acting on behalf of grandparents is as important to us as acting for parents.

We’ve had significant experience in this area, working with families to negotiate contact when there has been a breakdown in a relationship. That includes mediation and applying to court for a ‘child arrangements order’ to help rebuild the important connection with grandparents.

The role of a grandparent is becoming more widely recognised by the court for the beneficial role it can play in children’s lives. Fortunately, that means the courts are sympathetic to genuinely-motivated applications by grandparents to have relationships with their grandchildren and there are a growing number of such cases that are considered. 

It often comes as a relief when our team advise grandparents that the courts will make orders to maintain the relationship with estranged grandchildren.

Our family team can give you advice about securing access where contact has been denied – even when the parent may not have access - or more urgent matters such as applying to become the legal guardian or adopting the grandchild. Whatever the scenario, we’re here to get this important bond active again.