Christine Corion

  • Property
  • Conveyancing Executive

Christine is an experienced Conveyancing Executive in our Property team.

Her specialised expertise centres on properties within Central London and the Barbican estate. This detailed knowledge, acquired from years of focused work, significantly contributes to the smooth handling of transactions in these areas. It's this unique understanding that sets her apart from many other solicitors practicing in the same region.

Having honed her skills with several reputable London law firms, Christine brings a wealth of professional experience to the table. She combines this extensive knowledge with a careful attention to detail and a commendable focus on client care. This balanced approach routinely results in positive feedback from her colleagues as well as our clients.

Christine's dedication to her work and her enthusiasm for her clients and her city are palpable in every matter she handles. Her commitment to delivering outstanding service to each client remains at the heart of her role within our team.