Should I go private? Private FDR Explained

Written by William Hogg - 08.10.20

Sorting out your finances after a separation is complex, and can become stressful. Our mission is to bring clarity to negotiations, unravel complex issues and make the process much less stressful for our clients. One way we can do this is with private FDR. We’ll explain the process and its benefits in this article.

What is an FDR?

An FDR, or financial dispute resolution, appointment is used to get advice on the likely outcome of your case. That allows you to focus subsequent negotiations – both parties will have a good idea of what is realistic. It saves time and gives you more certainty that your settlement is fair. It often takes place in the early stages of a financial remedies application, and therefore brings you a resolution before costs and emotional impact build up. Instead of continuing with litigation, an FDR allows you to have talks and come to your own resolution earlier in the case.

So why go private?

Fast & Flexible

One of the main reasons private FDRs are so popular is that they aren’t subject to the long delays courts often experience. You can choose a date and time that suits you, and the person giving your decision will have already read about your case before you start. You get to choose this person too – they're usually a retired family lawyer with expertise in your dispute – and you won’t have to go to court.

Unlike an in-court FDR, press cannot attend a private FDR because it will be held in a solicitors' offices or barristers' chambers. The whole process is more comfortable and less adversarial than typical court proceedings.

Amicable & Personal

Because these negotiations are voluntary, private FDRs often create a cooperative atmosphere which takes the strain off your relationship with your ex-partner. The FDR will get to the core of your issues and streamline communication, in turn creating more productive talks. You can point out issues  which are unique to you, allowing things to run smoothly and efficiently.

Your Laurus lawyer will be a capable guide throughout this process, helping you stay in control of the outcome.

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