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Demand continues to rise... but is supply struggling to catch up?

We consider the impact of regional lockdowns on extant trends, and summarise the latest data in the super-prime market.

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Are remote hearings effective in family law?

A study published this week by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has shed some light on the challenges faced by families and professionals when it comes to remote hearings.

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Early Neutral Evaluation vs. Mediation: What’s the difference?

Here, we break down the differences between mediation, and the less well-known option of early neutral evaluation (ENE).

Is mediation compulsory for family matters? Should it be?

We understand that a relationship breakdown is hard enough without having to learn a whole new legal language.

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Arranging Contact with a Grandchild in Care

Our Child Matters expert Darren Francis explains how he was able to help a couple increase their contact hours with their grandchildren who were living with a foster family.

Should I go private? Private FDR Explained

Sorting out your finances after a separation is complex, and can become stressful. Our mission is to bring clarity to negotiations, unravel complex issues and make the process much less stressful for our clients.

Jack McBride
Careers at Laurus: From law student to training contract

We sat down with Jack to find out what advice he has for starting your legal career, choosing a firm and training as a solicitor.

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Property Market Update - September 2020

While the renewed lockdown measures are affecting other areas of our lives, property transactions are still able to go ahead, essentially as before.

Removing the fear from divorce: The benefits of family arbitration

Arbitration is an excellent form of dispute resolution when you want to settle matters out of court.

William Hogg FMCA
In Conversation with William Hogg

We sat down with William to hear his insight on the rising popularity and benefits of handling family cases away from the courtroom.

Giving your children a voice when a relationship breaks down

With the right support, your separation can have a positive outcome which has you and your children’s best interests at heart.

Property Market Update - August 2020

A sheer drop in property transactions at the start of lockdown has been superseded by a mini-boom resulting in record sales.