We provide the space to talk and make agreements in a structured, professional environment.

Often, separating couples need help resolving finances and making child arrangements that have their children’s best interests at front of mind.

Our aim is to help you decide a positive course of action. Done voluntarily by both parties, mediation is a process that’s looked on positively by the courts. The mediator doesn’t decide the outcome of the arrangement but instead, they encourage dialogue, clarify sticking points and present options to move forward. Any progress can be drawn up in a document and converted, if both parties agree, to a legally binding document.

It’s significantly less expensive than a formal legal process and both parties choose the mediator, and remain in control at every stage. There aren’t many legal disputes relating to family, finances or children that can’t be resolved with our mediation expertise, and even in the middle of court proceedings, it’s still an option to help everyone reach an agreement.